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Cell Art Prints

Cell posters show the microscopic cells that make up animal, human, and plant life. These small cells are invisible to the naked eye. Unlike many biology pictures, these depictions aren't focused on external characteristics of living organisms but on the underlying makeup that makes each species unique.

Cell posters primarily deal with the depiction of healthy cells, however, health prints of mutated cells and damaged cells can be just as educational as traditional cell posters. These biology images help to inform students and other viewers of the diversity present within their own bodies.

Cell Artwork

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Skeletal System
by Unknown
24" x 36"
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Microscopic images of cells also help to define what the jobs of cells are within the body. Posters like 'Active and Passive Transport' or 'Cell Specialization' are useful for providing a more concrete understanding of these invisible processes. Because of the complexity of some of these processes, educational anatomy illustrations are often used in learning environments, regardless of if the student is young or old.

Although human anatomy and cell processes are the most commonly explored type of cell posters, animal biology images are also common. Although animal cells are similar to human cells, many of them are formed quite differently than human cells because of cell specialization. As such, educational anatomy illustrations of these different cells can be informative when learning about what makes certain animals more suited to certain environments, as seen in the cell poster, 'Biodiversity'.
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