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Jelena Matic Wall Art

Jelena Matic is a lecturer of history of photography and art and also a curator of photography. For close to 20 years, she’s worked with history and theory of photography and contemporary and modern art as a curator, writer, casual lecturer and theorist. For more than 10 years, she worked as a contributing writer for the one of the leading photography magazine in Serbia and former Yugoslavia. She was the author of more than 200 articles and essays. These were mainly about theory and history of photography. Also, she’s the author more than 20 texts for the catalogs of group and solo art and photography exhibitions for both international and national artists. In 2015, she was artistic director of one of the top photography gallery in a Serbia and Belgrade, called Gallery Artget Belgrade Cultural Center.

Further to this, to this she’s worked and cooperated with many renowned art institutions and artists. She’s has exhibited in Safari, exhibition Mirko, Photograms Nina Totodorović, Lovrić Milica Mrvić, Extraordinary Journeys Luka Klikovac, Architecture of Memory Christian Tagliavini, Kamar Nenad Malešević, Mirror Sanja Knežević Jovanović, among others. She holds a master of art from the University of Belgrade. Here, she was trained in the faculty of Philosophy, in the Department of Art History. She believes that art is an opportunity to connect with her clients and her instinct. She’s flexible in her choice of mediums. Jelena uses her experience to produce art that’s appealing to her viewers. Her inspiration comes from the contemporary and clean lines, the bold, fresh colors and the sincerity that living a life she lives has offered her.

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