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Steve Vidler Wall Art

Steve Vidler is a veteran travel photographer who has been shooting stock photos around the world for more than 40 years. In the course of his work, he has witnessed radical changes in the photography industry. Vidler has been a prolific and successful travel photographer all through his career. He has also contributed to magazines and books around the world. He has a special passion for London photography. With an eye for a best-selling photo Vidler will stop at nothing to get an interesting, new angle on the most iconic places in the world. Based in London and Hong Kong he often times his trips carefully so as to catch the biggest festivals in Asia and Europe. The artist has enjoyed continuing success as a photographer, and has had ongoing representation at major galleries throughout Asia and Europe, as well as successful solo and group shows.

His current work is intended to capture and take the viewer into a section of a scene that may seem ambiguous but familiar. He wants to make the viewer feel that he/she is part of the photograph. His photographs provide an opportunity for his viewers to wander through passages exploring their own whereabouts, and recalling moments of time and space that they may have been visited before. Vidler believes that the ability to examine components of a scene and look beyond what is obvious is a key factor in his photography career as well as a very important part of understanding our place in a larger landscape. He wants each individual to become as captivated by his photographs as he is with the process of capturing them.
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Stand Tall for Freedom
by Steve Vidler
36" x 24"
Ships within 2-4 days
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49 Stouts Lane
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852

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