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Picasso painting sells for a record $179 million

11 May 2015
A painting by the iconic abstract artist sold for a record $179,365,000 at an auction Monday in New York, a Christie's spokesperson said. > Read more!

Picasso painting worth $1m won in raffle by US man

19 December 2013
A cubist painting by Picasso, valued at $1m (£610,000) has been won by a 25-year-old American art lover in a charity raffle. > Read more!

Happy Birthday, Pablo Picasso!

Oct. 25, 2013
Pablo Picasso, who was born on October 25, 1881, illuminated much of the next nine decades with his towering, irrepressible genius. Proceeds will benefit the ancient Lebanese city of Tyre, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, to help preserve its ruins and artifacts and increase employment in the former port town. > Read more!

For Just $135, You Could Own a Real Picasso Painting

Oct. 09, 2013
The preservation organization is raffling off “Man with Opera Hat,” a 12-inch by 9 inch cubist drawing from 1914 bearing the painter’s signature. Proceeds will benefit the ancient Lebanese city of Tyre, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, to help preserve its ruins and artifacts and increase employment in the former port town. > Read more!

Why Larry Ellison Calls Steve Jobs Another Picasso And What It Teaches Us About Creativity

Sep 16, 2013
Ellison's comparison makes perfect sense-Edison, Picasso, and Jobs were inventors and innovators. But Picasso, especially, had a profound influence on the Apple co-founder. > Read more!

Picasso's mistress leads sale of modern masterpieces

Feb 3, 2013
A portrait of one of Pablo Picassos mistresses, considered to be among his most important works, will lead a sale of Impressionist and Modern Art at Sotheby's this week. > Read more!

Picasso, Monet stolen in Dutch heist

Oct 16, 2012
Thieves broke into a Rotterdam museum on Tuesday and walked off with works from the likes of Picasso, Monet, Gauguin and Matisse potentially worth hundreds of millions. > Read more!

Picasso's art collection unveiled in Toronto display

Apr 24, 2012 11:30 AM ET
Nearly 150 masterpieces from master modernist Pablo Picasso's personal collection are being prepped for a vast exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. > Read more!

Picasso's private collection to go on show

November 10, 2011 11:57:00
A one-off exhibition at the Art Gallery New South Wales to showcase some of Pablo Picasso's favourite masterpieces. > Read more!

A Picasso comes to the Palestinians

06/27/11 06:13 PM, EDT
In a small showroom in the West Bank city of Ramallah, two Palestinian security guards carefully watch over a masterpiece by one of the most famous artists in modern history. > Read more!

Thieves in Spain rob art truck, including Picasso

Dec 2, 2010 9:51 EDT
MADRID – Three hooded thieves stole a truck containing 28 pieces of art including works by Picasso, Colombian artist Fernando Botero and Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida, Spanish police said Thursday. > Read more!

Picasso trove surfaces in France

Nov 30, 2010 12:20am EDT
A retired French electrician who worked for the master says a trunk full of 271 works, worth $80 million, was a gift. The late artist's heirs suspect theft. Seattle Times > Read more!

Christie's puts record price tag on "key" Picasso

Mar 17, 2010 9:28am EDT
"Portrait of Angel Fernandez de Soto (The Absinthe Drinker)," dated 1903, is expected to fetch 30-40 million pounds ($45-60 million), the highest pre-sale estimate for any work of art offered at auction in Europe. > Read more!

Picasso painting damaged at New York museum

01/24/10 10:22 PM, EST
The Pablo Picasso painting "The Actor" will undergo repair work, after a woman visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art fell onto the painting and tore the canvas, according to the museum. > Read more!

Picasso sketchbook vanishes from locked case in Paris

06/09/09 05:14 PM, EDT
A Pablo Picasso sketchbook with 33 pencil drawings disappeared from a locked glass case in a museum in Paris overnight, the French Ministry of Culture announced Tuesday. > Read more!

Art dealer dies and leaves

An extensive collection of Pablo Picasso paintings
updated 08/12/08 04:33 AM, EDT
When eccentric socialite and art dealer William M.V. Kingsland died two years ago, he left an extensive collection of Pablo Picasso paintings and other works crammed into his one-bedroom apartment > Read more!

Picasso prints stolen from Brazil museum

PAULO, Brazil (AP) A 06/12/08 06:35 PM, EDT
Three heavily armed robbers stole two Pablo Picasso prints from an art museum in downtown Sao Paulo on Thursday, the city's second high-profile art theft in less than a year.> Read more!

Saudi collector 'wanted stolen Picasso'

updated Wed, January 26, 2008
PAULO, Brazil (AP) A suspect in last month's brazen theft of two paintings by Pablo Picasso and Candido Portinari told detectives the paintings were to be delivered to a Saudi collector, authorities said Friday. > Read more!

Museum recovers stolen Picasso, other painting

updated Wed, January 9, 2008
PAULO, Brazil (AP) Stolen paintings by Pablo Picasso and Candido Portinari returned home to applause Wednesday, while police tried to find out who masterminded the robbery at a Brazil museum > Read more!

Guernica commemorates 1937 bombing

2:12 p.m. EDT, April 26, 2007
MADRID, Spain (AP) -- Representatives from cities that have suffered bombardment joined survivors from Guernica Thursday to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Basque town's destruction by German and Italian planes during the Spanish Civil War > Read more!

Thieves nab $66M Picasso paintings

8:41 a.m. EST, February 28, 2007
At least two Picasso paintings, worth a total of €50 million (US$66 million), have been stolen from the artist's granddaughter's home in Paris, police said Wednesday. The paintings, "Maya and the Doll" and "Portrait of Jacqueline," disappeared overnight between Monday and Tuesday from the chic 7th arrondissement, or district, a Paris police official said > Read more!

Casino magnate pokes hole in $139 million Picasso deal

POSTED: 10:04 p.m. EDT, October 17, 2006
Picasso's famed "Dream" painting turned into a nightmare for Las Vegas casino magnate Steve Wynn when he accidentally gave the multimillion-dollar canvas an elbow. > Read more!

Picasso breaks another record at auction , New York, USA

Thursday, May 4, 2006; Posted: 11:05 a.m. EDT (15:05 GMT)
A Picasso portrait of his lover Dora Maar has been sold for $95.2m, the second highest amount ever paid for a painting at auction. > Read more!

Settlement reached for stolen Picasso, California, USA

Wednesday, August 10, 2005; Posted: 12:37 p.m. EDT (16:37 GMT) CNN
The grandson of a Jewish woman whose Pablo Picasso painting was stolen by Nazis during World War II will receive $ 6.5 million from American who later bought the work from a gallery. Read more!

Picasso breaks record at auction , New York, USA

Thursday, May 6, 2004 Posted: 3:44 PM EDT (1944 GMT) BBC
A 1905 masterpiece by Pablo Picasso has sold for $104m (58m pounds), becoming the world's most expensive painting. > Read more!

Another Picasso Museum in Malaga, Spain

It was inaugurated in October 2003
Check out the official website of the Malaga Picasso Museum

Picasso on the beach, Miami

Sunday, January 18, 2004
Over a thousand supporters recreate Pablo Picasso's 'Amnistia' on South Beach in Miami, Florida, to protest the Bush Administration attempts to silence Greenpeace. See it and read all about it here
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The Picasso Erotique show was last exhibited in Barcelona, Spain, after a successful run in Montreal, Canada. The show drew hundreds of thousands of visitors in a handful of cities, and has inspired people the world over. Below is an excellent review prepared by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. For complete coverage (including media reviews of the show) of this show, have a look at our special page.

The selection of more than 350 works - many rarely, if ever, exhibited publicly before due to reasons of censorship - spans the artist's entire career and includes paintings, prints and drawings, sculpture and ceramics. Together, these reveal the profound, persistent and remarkably varied role that erotic imagery, ideas and experiences played in Picasso's work - from the bordello scenes of his youth in Barcelona to the epochal Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (sketches for which are included in the exhibition) and the nudes he produced at the age of ninety. As Picasso himself once stated, when asked about his views on art and sexuality, "They're the same thing."

Garnered from more than forty public and private collections worldwide, the exhibition features erotic works representative of virtually all the phases and styles of Picasso's career. Drawn from personal experience, imagination, mythology and earlier art, these images - by turns humorous and melancholic, enraptured and enraged - explore an almost encyclopedic range of sexual impulses, practices and human desire.

"Given the enormity of Picasso's oeuvre and influence, it is remarkable that up to now there has been no full-scale, major museum exhibition devoted to the central importance of erotic subject matter in his art," stated Museum Director Guy Cogeval. "Fascinating and often stunningly beautiful in and of themselves, these works will provide a long-overdue contribution to our understanding of the greatest artist of the twentieth century - and, indeed, of the nature of the artistic process and of creativity itself. It is most appropriate that this historic exhibition should take place at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, which in the past has hosted such important displays of Picasso's work as Picasso and Man (1964) and Pablo Picasso: Meeting in Montreal, organized in collaboration with Jacqueline Picasso, the artist's last wife."

Read More

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